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ScanGauge2 Firmware Upgrade

ScanGauge2 Firmware Upgrade

£25.00 (including 20 % tax)

What firmware changes have there been?

  • Versions 3.0 to 3.14 - Base ScanGauge features
    were in place, minor technical changes were made to
    prepare for X-Gauge release.
  • Version 3.15 - (2007) X-Gauge functionality added.
  • Version 3.16 - (~2009) AVG and TFC X-Gauges included
    in firmware.
  • Version 3.17 - (2009) Minor bugfix release for the Gallons/
    Litres to Empty X-Gauge, sometimes the word Gallons or
    Litres would flash across the Gauge screen on some
  • Version 3.17mb - (05/2010) Minor bugfix release for some
    vehicles that use the KWP protocol (particularly vehicles
    that used a Mercedes Benz engine) Fixes a timing issue
    that prevented the SGII connecting to some KWP vehicles
  • Now updating with version 4.05! - adding some exciting new features:
    • Added performance section - inc. 0-60 times, etc.
    • Improved DTC (diagnostic trouble code capturing)
    • New menu system
    • Boost Gauge with altitude calibration

Updates are performed in house using genuine Linear Logic
ScanGauge2 components, and wherever possible we will post the
item back to you same day. Just package the ScanGauge (just the
unit - we don't need the cable) and send it (along with details of your
purchase/payment and return address) to us at:

7 Church Street
GL18 1PU

Number pieces in packaging:1

Usually ships in:


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